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Philippe Commenges, Drouot

Expert by the law court of Paris, Philippe commenges is an independant expert recognized on the Paris scene, member of the European Confederation of Art Experts (CEDEA). Philippe Commenges has worked for more than thirty years from collectors, major merchants and auctioneers to establish the provenance, authenticity and value of the exceptional objets entrusted to its care.

With a network of professionals covering all trades related to the world of art and it's market, Philippe advises and support it's clients in all theirs projects ensuing the goods expertise.

Graduated in art history and law and enjoying in his work a real recognition from the academic world, he assume since 2016 the post of teacher in expertise and art market for the master's degree "Art market law and artistic heritage" of the prestigious University of Paris Panthéon-Assas.

Expertise and estimation :

Expert in furniture and works of art from the 17th to the 19th century, specialized in ormoulu bronze, Philippe offers a thorough and rigorous expertise of all periods and all art's categories. His non-binding verbal estimates are free of charges.

Advices in the course of property sales :

Philippe provides to private individuals advices on the sale of their property and established a link of trust with major art dealers or Drouot's auctioneers.

Successions and sharing :

For successions, Philippe offers to draw up a descriptive and estimated inventory of each property in the hypothesis of a future sale or to establish the fairest sharing between beneficiaries.

Financial and wealth expertise for the subscription of any contract :

With more than twenty years' experience in the field of large collections, Philippe defends the interest of individuals through the descriptive and estimated inventory of their assets in order to guarantee  the real value of each property. 

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